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Venessa Masterson Attorney at Law
"I am a law school graduate that passed the bar but I don't actually practice. I am smart enough to see a valid claim but have had a difficult time explaining the facts of my case to most attorneys and have been instantly dismissed. The few attorneys that have listened to all my facts have confirmed I have a valid claim but stated the facts are too difficult to prove, which is why I decided to litigate my claim on my own. I came across Lee Previant and called him to consult about my case. Lee took over an hour of his time to not only listen to my claim, but also discussed all options I should take. All other attorneys will only talk to me to assess my case and then dismiss me without ever telling me why they believe my case is too difficult to litigate. From the beginning of our conversation, it was clear that Lee does not practice the particular area of law I was looking for, but he still listened to my entire claim and spoke with me. This has been the toughest experience of my life, which is why I want to pursue litigation. But finding that attorneys are unresponsive has made it even more difficult, procedurally and emotionally. Lee's guidance was an a huge value and honestly, I needed the emotional support."

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