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John Noland

John Noland – Dedicated California Personal Injury AttorneyJohn Noland has been a trial attorney for the past 24 years. John served in the United States Navy as a medic assigned to the Fifth Marine Reconnaissance Unit. After leaving the Navy, John was hired by the Los Angeles City Fire Department where he served as an emergency paramedic for approximately 10 years. While on the fire department, John began pursuing an undergraduate degree in fine art with a specialty in medical illustration. This was a specialized degree combining fine art with a pre-med a curriculum.

After graduating college, John began a career as a medical illustrator primarily preparing illustrations for attorneys to display to jurors during trial. John spent many hours in courtrooms watching trials and testifying at times to authenticate the illustrated anatomy. It was during this experience that he decided that he would become a trial lawyer specializing in personal injury. It was a perfect fit for John who used his story telling abilities along with his medical knowledge and training.

John had his first jury trial within six months of being licensed as an attorney and has continued to try cases over his entire career. Recently John was inducted as a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates. Currently John is dedicated to continuing his career as a trial attorney with an emphasis on training younger attorneys to be effective in trial.

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