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Our firm, NP Law, focuses on civil litigation with an emphasis on taking cases to verdict. We primarily serve the greater Los Angeles area and we also have cases throughout the state of California. Our firm’s main goal is to be a beacon that helps our clients navigate the litigation process and to get them the recovery they deserve. We listen to them, guide them, and protect them. Our goals are our clients’ goals.

We’re a unique firm because of the breadth of our experience as attorneys and as individuals. Lee was raised on a farm in Minnesota. John was a special forces medic and a paramedic. Lee spent years in asbestos litigation. John has tried over 40 cases. We work well together and our skill sets complement each other. While either one of us can handle any aspect of the trial our skill sets are not duplicative. We are good friends as well as business partners.

Our friendship and egoless approach to work makes us an effective team. And that’s critical. When you truly work as a team all that matters is achieving the objective. It’s not about who gets credit, it’s about did we accomplish the mission: did we represent our client’s interests?

We believe in very intense preparation for trial and we each bring a unique perspective to every case. We prepare cases for trial by being thorough and, like professional athletes, game planning and practicing the trial. We utilize focus groups or mock trials. You have to practice presenting the case for trial as early and often as possible. A Navy SEAL once said, “people don’t rise to the occasion, they fall to their level of training. And that’s why we train so hard.”

That’s why it’s necessary to extensively prepare a case for trial. Inevitably, during trial something will come up that isn’t anticipated by either side. How you respond to that will be found in your preparation. Trial attorneys are like the special forces of attorneys: they’re very specialized, highly skilled, rarely used, and always a little crazy. Being a trial attorney requires a certain mindset; a certain willingness to undertake an obligation, as John F. Kennedy said, “we do it not because it is easy but because it is hard.”

Trial represents the ultimate exercise of an individual’s rights and the community’s recognition of those rights. Especially in a jury trial, you have citizens dispensing justice. It’s a testament to our democracy: it’s justice of the people, by the people and for the people. We believe its beneficial for our clients to go to trial because sometimes you have no choice but to turn to your community for justice. It’s a privilege that our clients chose us to represent them. There are thousands of attorneys. And for many attorneys, cases come and go. For every client, though, they ask us to represent them in the single most important case they’ve ever known: their own. It’s an awesome responsibility and an honor to accept. And attorneys that refer their clients to us because trial is imminent know that we respect the importance of their clients’ cases. The benefit of going to trial is getting what’s fair. That’s what makes going through the whole trial process worth it: fundamental fairness.

You must tenaciously pursue something that you believe in regardless of the obstacles or difficulty. You have to know your client and what your client feels is fair. We want our clients to know that we will relentlessly pursue a fair outcome; that we firmly believe in their rights to pursue that fairness; and we will protect them throughout the process. Our promise to our clients is that we treat each client’s case the same.

If you have a case that you don’t feel comfortable trying to verdict, call us. If you have a case and want to learn how to try it to verdict, call us. If you have a case and want to prepare it for trial and need to utilize a focus group, call us. If you have a case set for trial and need trial presentation equipment, call us. We’re here to help and we have a solution.

NP Law

Our Trial Attorneys Have A Solution.
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