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Trial / LitigationLitigation is often the best course of action when an agreement or settlement cannot be reached. In civil litigation, a legal issue is decided upon by a court, an administrative panel, or an arbitration panel. The laws that govern civil trials are complex and constantly evolving, and it is, therefore, recommended to have an experienced civil litigation attorney and trial attorney on your side.

NP Law has an extensive legacy of success in the field of civil litigation, with over 40 years of combined trial attorney experience and a proven track record of favorable outcomes. If you’re facing a civil suit in Valencia or the surrounding areas of Santa Clarita and Los Angeles, California, NP Law can help you down the path to the results you need.

Our legal team at NP Law has successfully handled the following types of civil litigation:

  • Personal Injury Claims – Our experienced personal injury lawyer vigorously represents those who are hurt by negligence or intentional wrongdoing.
  • Wrongful Death Claims – We help statutory heirs bring wrongful death claims and lawsuits against negligent parties to secure compensation for their loss.
  • Toxic Tort Claims – Our skilled toxic tort law specialist evaluates and investigates claims for clients who have suffered adverse health effects as a result of exposure to toxic chemicals.
  • Premise Liability Matters – The attorneys at NP Law are skilled in proving fault in slip-and-falls and other premise liability claims under California and federal premise liability laws. We have represented individuals, homeowners, tenants, landlords, and property management companies in personal injury and property damage claims.
  • Business Litigation – Our business litigation attorney pursues litigation when parties have failed to adhere to contracts and it becomes necessary to bring legal action against an individual or a company. We’re ready to fight for the rights of entrepreneurs and business professionals in litigation and business
  • Data Security And Data Privacy – Only a seasoned litigation lawyer has the experience to sort through the complicated laws and regulations that control data transmission and storage in business computers and devices. We’re well-versed in consumer protection, privacy, and e-discovery laws to help clients handle cyber security and data breaches. We also help clients safeguard their intellectual property and trade secrets.

In addition to filing claims, NP Law provides aggressive defense for those who have had civil suits brought against them. As a civil defense litigation law firm with a long track record of success, we provide our clients with top-notch and effective defense strategies to resolve their legal issue.

Dedicated Civil Litigation And Trial Lawyers In Valencia, California

Top civil litigation attorney Lee Previant and our legal team here at NP Law are committed to helping you find comprehensive solutions to your legal issue, whether you’re pursuing a claim or defending against legal action. We know that being in the middle of a dispute is overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive, and that’s why we offer swift resolutions so that you can move forward.

Our legal team takes the time to understand your goals and needs to tailor a strategy to your best interests. We have the experience and skills you need to handle your civil litigation matter.

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