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What Is The Importance Of Data Privacy?

Data in today’s world is your identity, your personality, and your finances. Your social and financial world can literally be destroyed in the wrong hands. Most hand their data over for services without thinking much about it, including biometric data such as fingerprints, facial recognition. You can use your fingerprint or facial recognition to unlock it with the iPhone. Your biometric data has been digitized in this case. It is reduced to ones and zeros, which means that it can be replicated over and over again. If it falls into the wrong hands, somebody can put your literal fingerprint anywhere that they want because they can recreate it.

They can recreate your fingerprint or your face. People don’t tend to think about this because the service is free. But if the service is free, then you’re the product. People are happy with the free service. They don’t realize that their data, whether biometric, where you went to eat, the photos you post of your dinner, or your location, are all being collected. But that data is in fact what the product is. That data, your identity, gets sold to advertisers, and if there’s a breach of that data, it gets sold on the dark web to thieves and fraudsters.

Especially with the advance of technology with things like deep fakes and fingerprint scans, the virtual world is getting harder and harder to distinguish from the real world. If you had access to somebody’s facial scan and you had access to Deep Fake technology, you can put the two together and put somebody in a video doing pretty much whatever you want them to do. The concern is that nobody really knows how much further can this go. Often when a person’s data is stolen and used to open a credit card, it is done by someone from another country with no criminal or civil liability. Those people often cannot be extradited for justice in the United States.

The data is basically run through algorithms and artificial intelligence in the digital world. Many of these algorithms are protected by copyright, so you cannot access the algorithms to determine if it is a fair outcome. The most common data privacy breach is still done through what is known as phishing and spear-phishing, which are some of the original ways in which data breaches occurred. That is when someone receives an email that appears to be from a legitimate source asking for you to click on a link or to give your account information. In reality, what has happened is that hackers have gotten your email and they have figured out how to make this email look legitimate. You provide that information, and they take that information to clean out an account, open up a credit card in your name, etc.

A lot of cyber security insurance requires that you have a privacy plan in place. Otherwise, the insurance will not pay for a breach. A data privacy lawyer will audit things like the procedures, the access, and the breach response and then helps you develop a framework that the business will follow to protect themselves.

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