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Does It Change Or Impact A Slip And Fall Injury Case In California If I Was Injured On Personal Property Versus A Place Of Business?

The liability question is primarily the same if someone slips and falls on personal property versus a place of business. However, there are some differences. For instance, if you slip and fall at a house where there’s a puddle of water on the kitchen floor because a child spilled a glass of water, that is something that you wouldn’t expect on a kitchen floor. Whereas, if you’re at the food court in a mall where they have beverage dispensing machines, the premises owner will be held to a higher standard. At a mall, people spill drinks on the floor all the time. Therefore, it is expected that the floor is kept clean and safe. A mall or store owner might be required to have a rubber mat or floor in the area or be expected to inspect the area. By contrast, a homeowner isn’t required to have a rubber matt or floor in their kitchen.

There used to be a distinction based on the class of individual who was hurt. The distinction was whether the injured person was an invitee or trespasser. However, California did away with the classifications. Today, it’s more of a general standard. They look at the dangerous condition and whether there was a notice. Although, there are different requirements if it’s a commercial property versus a private property. One of the major aspects that will affect a case is the different types of insurance coverages available depending on whether the premises is commercial or private.

If I Sign Some Sort Of Accident Report Provided By The Business Where I Fell, Could That Potentially Hurt My Future Personal Injury Claim?

Signing an accident report provided by the business where you fell won’t necessarily hurt your personal injury claim. If you’re going to sign a report or talk to somebody about what happened, always get the person’s name. It is important to always be honest. However, you should be aware that if an employee tries to get you to make a statement that isn’t accurate, then you shouldn’t provide the statement or sign the report. Ultimately, as long as you tell the truth, it shouldn’t have any bearing on your personal injury claim.

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