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I Was Injured In A Car Wreck, What Steps Should Take?

If you are injured in a car wreck, the first step is to call 911. If you’re injured, get appropriate medical attention. If you’re severely injured, wait for the ambulance to take you to the hospital. Even if you believe that you are not injured, call 911. The police will arrive at the scene and make a report of the collision. If capable, you should take photos of the scene and collect information, such as the other party’s driver’s license and insurance information. If you’re able, speak to any witnesses and get their name and telephone number.

It’s important to pay attention to your injuries. Too often, clients call or look for an attorney before they’ve had the chance to take care of themselves. If you’re ever in a car collision, the number one goal is to get as close to being 100% physically better.

What Kind Of Damage Can I Cause To My Own Case If I Delay Getting Medical Treatment, Don’t Follow Up, Or Have Poor Self-Care After Being Injured?

Delaying any medical treatment, not following up, or having overall poor self-care after being injured can negatively affect your physical and mental well-being as well as your case. The insurance company will claim or argue that you really weren’t hurt since you didn’t go or follow up with the doctor. They’ll put that doubt in the jury’s mind. People who are injured or in pain go to the doctor and get treatment. However, not everyone has health insurance or can afford medical treatment and an attorney can help solve that problem and help you get the treatment you need. More important than the damage you could do to your case is the damage that you could do to your body by not getting medical treatment right away. If certain injuries are not addressed in a timely manner, they can lead to a much more severe injury or a longer term prognosis in terms of recovery. Therefore, damage to your case is secondary to the damage you could do to your body by not getting the proper treatment straightaway.

What Components Do You Look For To Determine If Someone Has A Valid Car Accident Injury Claim?

The first step is to determine who was responsible for the accident. That is, who was negligent? From a legal standpoint, negligence is when somebody had a duty to do or not do something and failed to act accordingly. Did they fail to meet their duty? One way to think about it: did the other person needlessly endanger you? A liability analysis must be done. Who’s actually at fault for this accident? For example, if you are the driver of a vehicle that was t-boned by somebody who ran a red light, you have a claim because you’re not the at-fault party. You have to be able to prove that the other person caused the collision and injured you, which leads to the next step.

The second step is to verify whether there are damages that resulted from the acts of the responsible party. Were you injured? Do you have a legitimate injury from this collision? Those are your damages.

The third step is to determine if there is any means of recovery for your damages. That is, is there any chance of getting your medical expenses paid for and compensated? Can you get compensated for pain and suffering? It is essential to find out if the responsible party has adequate insurance coverage or assets to pay for your medical bills and pain and suffering.

What Are The Typical Damages That Can Be Pursued In An Accident If Injuries Were Caused By A Negligent Driver?

There are two basic types of damages in California. They are special damages and general damages. However, it’s better to think of them as economic damages or noneconomic damages. Economic damages are verifiable amounts of damages. For instance, the damage to a vehicle is a verifiable damage because you could take it to a body shop, get an estimate, get it repaired, and receive a bill for the cost of repair. That’s an economic damage. If you miss time from the work and lose wages, that’s also an economic damage. The bills that you incur for medical treatment are economic damages as well. Noneconomic damages are damages that are in some sense less certain. They’re typically thought of as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and other circumstances that usually cannot be reduced to a bill.

Adding to the particulars of economic damages, you can also make claims for future medical bills and lost earnings. For example, if a surgeon was involved in a car accident and their hand was amputated in the incident, they’re not going to be a surgeon anymore. As a result, the surgeon could make a claim for their lost earning capacity for the present and future. The same principle applies to a client who’s been rendered a paraplegic. They are going to need lifelong medical care, and those future medical expenses are economic damages. On that note, a client who has suffered a tremendous injury or loss could also collect future noneconomic damages. Taking the example of the surgeon. They will most likely experience lifelong pain due to nerve damage. These are future damaged that can be recovered.

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